Jollychic Announces Series C Funding—Arabnews

2018 / 06 / 13

Jollychic, a mobile e-commerce platform serving the Middle East market, announced a Series C funding last month presumably amounting to “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Jollychic marketing manager Mohammad Jabri said,"we have offices in eight countries, including a 1000-person customer service and operations team in the middle east to provide 24/7 response services. today, we have 3,500 employees worldwide and are aiming to form one of the best global teams to further serve our customers." Jabri said that the series C funding will help Jollychic to continue to enhance its customer experience and optimize its multi-faceted services.

"For example, we will further introduce product categories such as fast-moving consumer goods and integrate our supply chain globally. this means that our customers in the middle east will be able to buy quality products, faster and easier," he added.

Jollychic has offices in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Turkey, the US and China. “We have an international young team with an average age of 27, all committed to providing high quality and great service,” Jabri said.

Jollychic offers a wide range of products, including consumer goods, apparel, electronics, home goods, shoes and bags, baby products and others. The website offers global brands as well as independent designers. Sales have grown rapidly in the past five years, and the cumulative registered users have exceeded 35 million. “Our global suppliers are from east Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East and also include traditional local vendors. On the one hand, we provide suppliers with advanced technologies and full services to help them increase sales quickly and easily. On the other hand, we meticulously select our global suppliers to maintain consistency and quality. We work hard to ensure that our customers find the products they need and that they can order and receive them seamlessly,” Jabri said.

Ahmed Al-Saif, 24, loves digital products and online shopping. In the past three months, he purchased his new phone, wireless keyboard, bluetooth speaker and other electronic gadgets from Jollychic.

“I can browse the products anytime and anywhere. The best thing is that whatever I need, I can just click on the screen and it will be delivered to my home,” Al-Saif said.

Jollychic’s series c investment was led by Sequoia Capital, a leading global investment firm. "this shows that many sharp-sighted investors are giving more importance to the middle eastern market. many are also recognizing Jollychic’s strong presence and capabilities," the e-commerce giant said in a statement.

Last year, Jollychic started building overseas warehouses in markets such as Saudi Arabia to strengthen its logistics, storage and delivery services. That has provided a better customer experience as well as an easier shopping process and post-shopping services, such as an easy return policy to shoppers across the Middle East.

“We always put user experience first. We try our best to understand our customers and figure out a workable way to improve our operations and services to give them the best shopping experience,” said Aaron Li, CEO of Jollychic.