Jollychic the Guest of Live Interview on CNBC Arabia

2019 / 07 / 08

On July 3, Dennis Du, Vice President of the Government and Public Affairs of Jollychic, was invited to be a guest in live interview in Al-Bouslla program with CNBC Arabia in Dubai.

The moderator asked Mr. Du about the impact of the “Belt and Road Initiative” on the economic development of the Arab world and the UAE, and what impact it will have on China-Arab economic and trade cooperation.

Mr. Du noted “Belt and Road” initiative proposes to jointly build “five communications”. That is, policy communication, facility connectivity, smooth trade, financial links, and people friendship.

The core of the “Belt and Road Initiative” is to consolidate the friendly cooperation with old friends including the Arab people and build a community of destiny. The initiative will produce an effect of 4 S:

The first one is Soil. The market in the Gulf is like a fertile soil, which is conducive to the growth of Chinese companies and local businesses.

The second is Seed. Chinese digital enterprises are the seeds of technology and e-commerce innovation models. In addition, the Gulf countries such as the UAE have a very large talent pool, and the two sides will release huge market potential.

The third is Sunshine, which is the open policy and governance innovation of the Chinese and Arab governments.

In the field of digital economy, the above three Ss are naturally run by the fourth S, System, which is the e-commerce ecosystem we are focusing on. It is an Ecosystem with rich connotation and broad prospects.