Jollychic takes CSR actions in collaboration with Saudi Government

2020 / 05 / 22

Against the backdrop of the pandemic situation in the Gulf, as the leading e-commerce company with unremitting localization efforts in both strategy and operation, Jollychic is actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities in various ways by enhancing coordination and cooperation with its partners from both public and private sectors and across the local community, with swift and concrete actions to mitigate pandemic impacts.

In this week, Jollychic has joined hands with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to actively participate in multiple anti-pandemic programs with the focus on facilitating Saudi citizens returning from abroad with preventive quarantine measures. Recently, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia organized star-rated hotels and other touristic facilities in major cities in Saudi Arabia to arrange more than 1,000 rooms as pandemic prevention and isolation places for people in need. Within the framework of related programs, Jollychic has prepared "Jolly Goodie Bag” in cooperation with the two ministries to provide daily life necessities and anti-pandemic items for people subject to quarantine isolation. The quarantined personnel receiving the gift package are mainly Saudi students, business personnel and their families who return from abroad due to the pandemic situation.

In an interview with local media, Jollychic representative said that as the leading e-commerce company in KSA and the Gulf markets, Jollychic has been making intensive efforts to collaborate with the local government and community in actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities within the framework of TIES initiated by the company earlier last year. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jollychic has launched new categories to support daily life services and worked closely with local government during curfew conditions to ensure the continuous provision of online shopping and logistics delivery services to local consumers, with daily necessities and household consumer goods with expected quality and efficiency. Saudi Arabia ’s Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health, and other departments are Jollychic’s long-term cooperative partners, we see the governmental initiatives to help the local community in its fight against Corona are highly aligned with Jollychic values ​​and corporate culture of remaining socially responsible. Taking into consideration the different ages and needs of the isolated persons, Jollychic specially prepared a variety of daily necessities and anti-epidemic supplies in Jolly Goodie Bags.

The representative of the Saudi Ministry of Tourism highly appreciated the active participation of Jollychic in efforts of fighting the pandemic. The two parties will also cooperate in an online campaign leveraging Jollychic’s market influence, to publicize the relevant local pandemic prevention projects and initiatives and raise the awareness of the entire society towards pandemic prevention measures.